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at Klåvastens Guesthuose Gunilla & Anders will meet you
at Klåvastens Guesthuose Gunilla & Anders will meet you



We believe it’s important to support a sustainable environment, to keep our impact to a minimum and use our resources wisely.

​We endeavour to improve our circumstances without draining the natural environment of its resources.

We grow fruit, vegetables, root vegetables and herbs for our own kitchen.

We enjoy the natural environment for walks, running and activities in a way that doesn’t damage or affect the environment, but rather safeguards it.

Our aim is to help the countryside thrive through events, social activities, keeping our doors open, etc. People who live in rural areas shouldn’t have to take the car into town to attend various events, but should be able to hop on a bike and come to us to enjoy these activities where they live, benefitting the environment and making life more sustainable.

​We continually strive to learn more about what ideas are out there and approaches to becoming more sustainable.

Find out more about the Hållbarhetsklivet initiative (Stepping up Sustainability) on their website.


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